Among your employees, workers are those who walk the machinery of your plants. You must care to manage them because without them your company could not produce. You will need to pay attention to the fact that they are well trained, happy, so as not to expose your business to any future difficulties.

Make sure you have the appropriate number of workers, because having not enough workers limits your production capacity or require you to pay overtime (paid 50 times the normal rate) if production goals are too high. On the other hand, having too many workers requires you to pay them to do nothing.

To learn more, here is the explanation of the impact of each of the decisions that are at your disposal:

Worker number

The workers represent the productive power of your business. It is them who work on the machines to manufacture your products. The more you have workers, the more you can produce, it is mathematical!

However, each machine has a maximum capacity: each is operating at full throttle with a fixed number of workers. Go beyond this number will not change anything in your production capacity. Thus, it is interesting to regularly check if you are close to this threshold or not, to know the opportunities available to you.

Each worker costs you money: his salary on the one hand, and training that you pay the other. It is therefore not necessary to have too many workers if you produce few products: you may pay them to do nothing.

Worker salary

Pay your workers too little and they are not interested in their work. They will have the unfortunate tendency to wander and do another thing to make your products. Do not be surprised if at the end of your turn, you do not produce exactly what you wanted. But be careful not to pay too much either, because you could lose money in comparison with your competitors. The wage directly affect their morale, and the morale too low could cause them to go on strike. A tip: watch the smiley representing their moral: Very good , Medium , Bad .

Worker training budget

The level of training of workers is a quantity that varies between 0 and 100% over Simuland. This allows 2 things:

1) The level of training of workers affects the quality of products they manufacture. The more they are trained, the more they know the machine on which they work and therefore the more they will make good job. The market Simuland is very attentive to product quality, and be sure that the buyers précipiteront on your products if the quality is there.

2) The level of training allows your workers to work on more sophisticated machines: machine type 2 and type 3. In fact a minimum level of training is required. If not achieved, these machines more efficient than the machine type 1 basis, will produce nothing because your workers will not know to operate. For more information on these minimum levels, go to the page "Machines".

Note: the training budget is a lump sum which is divided between all your workers. It will therefore increase as your number of workers will increase.


Their role is to solicit clients to sell their products. It shows an average customer on your page "Employees", but each has its own commercial customers. You will find the right strategy to interest them to a maximum of their work so that their customers increases. At the global level of your company, the more you earn customers, you will have more chances to sell your products in large quantity.

To learn more, here is the explanation of the impact of each of the decisions that are at your disposal:

Their numbers

The more you have commercials, you'll be better represented in the universe Simuland. The trade each have an office in your company and you should have free space in the space reserved for offices in your company to hire new ones. The "Infrastructure" will increase this space. Anyway, an error message will appear if the free space available is not sufficient to accommodate the new commercial you want to hire. But keep in mind that too many commercials is not necessarily useful if any way you can not motivate them.

Their fixed salary

Whatever their performance, you must pay your business with a fixed salary. This represents their base salary. Warning that it is not too low because it directly affects their morale.

Their variable salary

This is a commission on products they sell. It can go from 0 to 100% of the price of products sold. We must find the right balance in order to motivate them as much as possible but they do not cost you all your income. For example, if you put 100% this value, all profits of sales will go directly into their pocket and then you have nothing to return to your cash. On the contrary, save 0% does not lead to work overtime to sell the products your company.

Their clientele budget

It is the budget dedicated to the costs of trading. This budget allows you to send your business in meetings, exhibitions, conferences and other events to develop their relationships with potential new customers. It may be preferable to have less commercial but with an address book full, than to have many but sell soon.


The purpose of it is to manage your finances in order to cleanse them and to improve them. It will manage as well as possible the rates of your loans with the banks, it will be arranged to negotiate less low tariffs on the level of the expenses of purse, to see placing in a judicious way your money to reduce your taxes. Concerning your accountant you can take only one and single decision:

Accountant wages

Like your other employees, these wages give him motivation to work well and for this reason, it should be paid correctly, without you to ruin either. There still, it a happy medium should be found.

If you put the wages of the accountant at 0, you lay off it!

The Boss

That concerns you! At how much do estimate you your wages? It is normal that you benefit from the fruit of your efforts, after all it is you who made turn this company.

Your wages

The more it will be raised and the better you will benefit from your efforts. That will enable you to make speak about you in the newspapers and will make it possible to increase your notoriety and that of your company. Warning : do not increase it to much neither, because your employees could not appreciate to be paid with the catapult while you would touch miles and of the hundreds.

Personalised calculations

Like all other pages, you can place here custom calculations. This can be useful to save the calculations you make regularly (eg sum of two data, ...). Many opportunities are available with these calculations personalized, such as share them with other players, using those of others that you find good, note and comment on those of others ...

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