Simuland terms

Before all

The Simuland agreements were developed to clarify for users of the site utilisation conditions, including the Game as well as communication services (such as forum the chat) that allows users around the world, usually with different cultures, to exchange messages online.

Anyone browsing on the site is regarded as a user, whether or not he is identified on the site.

Simuland offers users a game for free. Registration to play is open to all and free of charge. From the moment the user confirms their registration and participate on the Site in any manner whatsoever, he is to follow these agreements.

Conditions of registration and use of forums

Be aged 18 or older or have permission of a parent for minors.
Have a valid email address.

The user assumes all liability, criminal, administrative and content of messages he posts on the forum and chat. Thus, it undertakes to respect the law and does not infringe the rights of third parties, including:

  • for the content of the messages will not affect in any way the rights of third persons or entities could hold, including the legislation on industrial property, copyright or neighboring rights, the sui generis applicable databases, image rights, the right to privacy.
  • not publish posts or documents offensive, defamatory or racist, prejudicial to good morals, messages or documents of a violent or pornographic messages or documents by their nature likely to affect the compliance of the human person and his dignity, equality between women and men, the protection of children and adolescents.
  • It also undertakes not to publish messages or material that encourages the commission of crime and / or crimes or inciting the use of banned substances, messages or documents inciting discrimination, hatred or violence.
  • The user also agrees to not post or publish any message or material that contains viruses or programs that may cause damage to persons or their property.
  • It undertakes not to write messages capital letters, or texting.
  • It also agrees not to post messages or promotional advertising.
  • The user agrees not to post or publish a hypertext link pointing to sites which do not conform to current legislation.
  • It also agrees not to post or publish messages or documents unsolicited advertising (spam).

In the same way, the user must not:

  • disclose identifying information as names and states of members of the site, such as name, postal address and telephone.
  • collect and use for commercial purposes the personal data contained in this space.
  • Internet will not save an image for his avatar that could offend, to be pornographic, racist in nature or offensive. Simuland is free to delete these images without notice.

Simuland committed to:

  • not disclose data to third parties. The data are confidential.
  • You have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you (art. 34 de la loi "Informatique et Libertés of 6 January 1978). You may at any time, request that your information and contributions to this area of discussion to be deleted by the contact form.
  • The Forum and Chat are subject to moderation. Messages can be edited by a moderator. Moderators can simply delete all or part of a post without notice, or ask the sender to change a game.

Operation Game

The simulation game is available to users by and free. Simuland can not be held responsible for a malfunction of the Game, a loss of data or any other problem in the Game

Users must observe the following rules:

  • The player agrees to play by the rules established by Simuland.
  • Any attempt at fraud or piracy is prohibited. Simuland might take drastic measures if the case arose.
  • The discovery of bugs in the simulation must be immediately reported to site administrators. The exploitation of a loophole in the simulation is considered a personal as piracy and as such can result in prosecution.
  • disclosure of a bug found in the simulation to other players is prohibited. It is imperative to alert the site administrators so that the bug is resolved.

Liabilities and reserves

Simuland reserves the right to change the rules of the game if necessary, to take any decisions it may consider useful for the application and interpretation of all rules of the game changes, substantial or not, the rules of the game may be made during the Thursday, which will then be brought to the attention of players who will have to submit.

Simuland can not be held responsible for the malfunction of the site and / or Thursday for a browser. Simuland does not warrant that the Site and / or Thursday operate without interruption or that it contains no bugs, or that defects will be corrected. In case of technical malfunctions of the Thursday, Simuland reserves the right if it is necessary to invalidate and / or cancel the session Thursday during which the said fault has occurred. No claims will be accepted as such.

Businesses, employees, products, machines and money exchange in the game are virtual. Simuland is not responsible for the loss of this money and will not be required to repay any way a player for real money.

Items distributed at the end of the parties to the highest ranked players are subject to clear rules explained in the help. Claims will be considered on a case by case basis, but Simuland preserves the right not to proceed with these claims.

The transition from one level to another is subject to clear rules explained in the help. Claims will be considered on a case by case basis, but Simuland preserves the right not to proceed with these claims. you that this policy may change periodically, if we deem useful. We invite you to consult it regularly.