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MessagePosté le: Mar 10 Mai 2011, 22:15
I've made a spreadsheet that may help us during the game.
It is incompletely, so I would like that other people could help to improve it.
Also, English is not my first language, so some words in the spreadsheet might be wrong. Feel free to change and improve it.


Let's discuss here about that. So we can learn more about management and accounting.

MessagePosté le: Mar 04 Juin 2019, 17:53
It seems that the file you uploaded is no longer available on the web server, may you please update it again. By the way, it's an excellent idea to share this kind of stuff. Thanks a lot

MessagePosté le: Ven 10 Avr 2020, 12:22
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MessagePosté le: Dim 10 Jan 2021, 19:45
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